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Tasly Holding Group was established in 1994, the enterprise dedicates to build a top, modern, and international TCM brand with the concept of ¡®To pursue harmonization between human and nature, to improve life quality¡¯ and the mission of ¡®To share the joy of health with all¡¯. Tasly keeps promoting the rapid development of great health industry, Tasly has developed into a hi-tech transnational conglomerate specializing in the great health industry with biological medicine as its core business, life and health-care as well as health management and service as its secondary business.
Tasly, through innovations in standards and technologies, has created a manufacturing process for TCM modernization and set up an internationalized advanced, standardized, digital and intelligent big industrial system which produces high-quality, stable and controllable TCM products. Tasly¡¯s total asset has reached 26.2 billion Yuan by 2013, sales volume has reached 24 billion Yuan and income tax was 3.6 billion Yuan.
production base

Utilizing ground-breaking technology and cutting-edge science, Tasly has performed over 1000 clinical research trials and it has developed chemical-free medications which have been approved by FDA, the medicine have been lauched in 34 countries benefiting over a billion patients worldwide.

Tasly¡¯s Danshen Compound Dripping Pill (Dantonic) is the first Chinese herbal compound medicine that got FDA IND clinical application. In 2007, Tasly launched FDA phase¢òclinical trials which was carried out in 15 American clinical centers including New York, Florida, Texas and California,etc. All the clinical trials strictly followed international recognized standard¡ªGCP Clinical Trial Standards. The trail was completed in Aug.2010 and it marked that Dantonic became the first Chinese patent medicine approved by FDA ¢òclinical trials and confirmed as a safe and efficient Chinese herbal compound. Dantonic is currently undergoing FDA phase III clinical trials in 137 sites throughout North America and Europe. It is expected to be the first and only natural, chemical-free, compounded TCM approved by the FDA.

Meanwhile, on the basis of technological advantage in bio-medical area, Tasly has expanded its business to health industry and initiated the concept of great health. Tasly has been making effort for years in order to become innovator of great health products, designer of great health management plan and practitioner of great health culture. Therefore, Tasly has been concentrating on its ¡®Five One Project¡¯: a box of medicine, a bottle water, a cup tea, a bottle of wine, and a health management plan, in order to achieve the goal of ¡°optimized birth, prolonged life, delayed diseases, and pacified leave¡±.